Friday, January 31, 2014

Travel Collections

Travel souvenirs are for sale in most popular tourist destinations, and sometimes it's nice to have a memento to remember your trip that can be easily carried. The most visible of these is the flag patch you see sewn on the outside of a backpackers pack, but as you can see above you can very quickly begin to look like a Nascar driver. I've seen friends collect magnets, pins, mini-statues, or a different type of souvenir from each destination. The coolest collection I've seen was in the movie 'Saving Private Ryan,' a soldier kept the dirt of each location he took in battle. Personally I started collecting shot glasses and now I'm locked into to carrying these fragile things all over, still possibly better than sewing 48 patches on my pack, do you collect anything physical on your journeys or just friendships/memories/skills/photos?

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