Monday, February 3, 2014


It's more fun in the Philippines.
(photos by me)

Banaue rice terraces
La Union
Calicoan before/after Haiyan (after photos by Paolo Manuel Soler)
Donate here for UNICEF Typhoon Haiyan.


Philippines Surf/Rain Seasons
T-shirt I designed (parody of 'RUN DMC' and 'RUN BKK')
Official tourism slogan for the Philippines.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Retire by 30

I put in my two weeks notice at 29 and retired on my 30th birthday.

I've never used a retirement calculator without getting some sort of coding error. Retirement blogs set 65 as the target age, or a goal of >$1 million usd net worth. Retirement is not some sort of elusive dream or complicated math formula. It only requires that you prioritize retirement over material goods/services. I'll detail my finances below, but it's much like weight loss advice, if you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight.

save 1/2 of salary for 10 years.
have 5 salaries saved. (~6 counting interest)
buy an apartment worth ~5 salaries. 
rent it out for .35 salary per year. (.25 salary after taxes/HOAs)

so now you just have to live under 1/2 salary while working, and under 1/4 salary in retirement.

while working (big expenses):

housing (live with family or rent a garage)
food (don't eat out, eat less meat)
transportation (scooter, bicycle, or bus)
entertainment (drink before the bar, no smart phone)
clothes (goodwill, target)

while retired:

go to a country where 1/4 usd salary = the average salary.

from usa? go to brazil, costa rica.
from greece? go to el salvador or jordan.
from peru? go to nicarauga or cambodia.
from india? the philippines? go to nepal.

left: two garages i lived in

left: bike everywhere, shop at goodwill

***warning the following is political***

and once we're all living in nepal or somalia, global disparities will be understood.
if you fight for a place in influential society, you only make it more influential.
explore the world, live where it feels best, and fight for a place that you connect with.
by saving money you are using less resources and shrinking the human impact on the world,
and at the same time buying yourself more freedom in the future.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Surf Spots

Favorite surf spots. (photos by/of me)

1. El Salvador

El Zonte... (right point break, dec '12, chest to head, fast breaking, minimal wind, empty til 9am, 8 people after)
quite town
~$8usd/night bunk room, no wifi, Esencia Nativa

El Tunco (Sunzal)... (right point break dec '12, head high, slow breaking, minimal wind, empty til  6am, 30 people after)
ok bar scene fri/sat
~$7usd/night dorm room, wifi, Casa Makoi

2. Philippines

Puraran... (right reef break, oct '13, head high, fast breaking, 5-15 people)
quiet town
~$8usd/night private room, no wifi, Puraran Surf

Calicoan... (reef break, oct'13, double overhead, fast breaking, windy, miles of empty)
quiet town
Talk to Calicoan Surfers, no wifi

La Union (San Juan)... (beach break, sept '13, <waist high, closed out, slow breaking, empty til 7am, 20 people after)
 fri/sat karaoke on the beach & disco 15 mins away by trike
~$13usd/night private room, no wifi, Hacienda Peter's

Sairgao... (reef break, oct'13, overhead, fast breaking, windy,  'crowd nine')
bars every night, two discos fri/sat
~$15usd, wifi, A/C private room, Michael
3. Hawaii
4. Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur...
5. Bali

6. Guatamala
7. Socal
8. Norcal

Wish list.

1. Sumatra
2. Mexico
3. Sri Lanka
4. Madagascar
5. Costa Rica
6. Panama
7. Australia
8. Japan